Why you’re not losing fat

how to lose belly fat

The main objective of those of us dieting and going to the gym is probably to loose that belly fat. Some people’s objective, actually, is just to burn that pesky ab fat.

To ensure maximum fat burning results, you must learn how fat tissue gets formed. Fat loss and burning is not one and the same thing. You can also lose weight by losing muscle tissue and water, so on the scale everything will be “pink” but the adipose (a.k.a. fat) tissue will still be there.

The adipose tissue is the last one to “burn” when you’re dieting and/or exercising, first being the glycogen in the liver, then the muscle tissue and then only the adipose tissue. This sequencing is critical to understand how to approach fat loss, in general.

How can I burn fat off my abdomen?

Aerobic Training

For aerobic training to be effective and to start burning fat, it must be done at a certain heart rate (heart rate). Your pulse (how fast your heart beats per minute) determines this area.

Formula for “burning zone” = 220 minus your age. (let’s say you’re 45. That means the fat-loss heart rate is 220-45=175). The resulting number should tell you how fast your heart rate should be when exercising in order to lose weight. Keep in mind, that is the maximum heart rate.

I recommend aerobic training as long as it is not just “jumping around” but weights are used as well, while one session should not last more than one hour. You can do bicycle, elliptical, interval training, circuit training but pay attention to overtraining since you might start losing muscle.

Weight training

This is a smart long-term move for those who want to build the “engine” that will help them burn in the future, without much effort. It is about muscle growth, which can be achieved with the help of a protein diet and weight training, which in time ensures fat burning and increased basal metabolism.

What to eat to start burning body fat?

  1. Eat in the morning
  2. Do not skip meals – when you want to burn fat, it is okay to eat 5-6 times a day. If you skip meals in the idea that you will reduce calories, you will set your body to “emergency”, the state in which it begins to set aside for troubled times when it does not receive all the nutrients it needs. This stupid measure you could take to lose weight will surely slow down your metabolism and get you to lose weight no matter what you eat.  The solution? Eat from 3 to 3 hours a little, 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks.
  3. Work at least 3 times a week at high intensity (aerobics and weight training)
  4. Keep your blood sugar level lower – if you have high blood sugar, your chances of storing fat increase.
  • Use the low glycemic index foods
  • Eat protein
  • Try to eat carbohydrates around training hours and in the morning and never in the evening
  • Eliminates simple carbohydrates (sugar, fructose, lactose)

 Recommended foods for fat burning

  • Chicken, turkey, beef
  • Lactate – probiotic yogurt, healthy, kefir
  • Oatmeal, quinoa
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Green tea
  • The water
  • Raw vegetables
  • Seeds of all kinds, raw