Resist sugar crave temptation after each meal by doing this

how to resist sugar crave

Many people ask me what is the explanation for the “craving for sweet” feeling we’ve got after eating. Well, one of the reasons we crave something sweet (or coffee) is due to the decreased function of the adrenal gland.

Adrenal glands are hormonal glands that sit above the kidneys, like a capsule. By way of basic functionality, by secreting corticosteroid hormones and catechins (including cortisol and adrenaline) they are responsible for regulating stress states, resistance to infections and antigenic substances, metabolism and sexuality (balance between androgen – “male” – and estrogen “female” – hormones).

When we are stressed, the glands mentioned above secrete adrenaline as they prepare us for a great battle, the craving for sweets occurs and, if we give up, serotonin is released which calms us.

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Another cause for which we feel this craving is the possible existence in the body of an inflammation (arthritis etc.), an allergy (milk is a common allergen) and so forth. If we eat allergenic foods every day, but we don’t know that we have an allergy to them, there is a possibility that these allergenic foods will cause inflammation, at which point the adrenal glands we were talking about at the beginning of this article secrete cortisol to minimize this inflammation.

These two factors are enough to drain the body’s energy reserves. If you also add estrogen and progesterone, you can see how this gland is experiencing difficulties.

How can we control sugar craving?

If you have enough will, you will be able to “mentally” overcome these desires. If you do not succeed by self-motivation, I recommend:

  • rest, relaxation, 8 hours of sleep per night
  • cinnamon, studies have shown that cinnamon greatly inhibits the appetite for sweet
  • Include more protein in your diet, they can keep you full for longer
  • try eating an apple, a few dried fruits or a square of dark chocolate (> 70% cocoa)
  • you have to reduce the level of sugar that you normally consume
  • eat 5 meals a day, 3 main and 2 snacks so that you do not leave room still hungry
  • According to studies, brushing your teeth after a meal can stop the craving for sweets
  • drink plenty of water (minimum 2 liters per day)
  • eat in the morning
  • nutritional supplements that also contain chromium

Remember, sugar creates addiction in the brain and all the energy consumed is put around the waist. Think about it the next time you crave sweets.