Weekly quickies: Thieves. House. Snacks. Alarms. Booking.

Because not all the hacks should look like tutorials, today we start a new a new series with some of the greatest, funniest, inventive and efficient quick tips and life hacks received from our followers or heard in different circles. Here we go:

Travel. If you’re visiting a dangerous place, buy a cheap wallet and put a few dollars in it. If you get mugged, you can give them that wallet and keep your money and cards safe in another wallet.

House. Always leave a large dog dish next to your back door. Whether you have a dog or not, most thieves don’t want to risk facing a massive beast!

Snacks. Before opening a bag of chips, flip it and open the bottom of it so all the flavoring from the bottom drops down onto the chips. Yummy!

Alarm. If you’re getting up with an alarm earlier than your partner and don’t want to wake them up, set alarm to vibrate-only and put it in your pocket. (If you’re not comfortable with cellphone radiation, simply switch it to flight mode)

Booking. When making a reservation at a hotel or restaurant, always mention that it is a special occasion. The establishment will most likely upgrade your room or provide some other benefit.


That wraps up our 1st episode of weekly quickies. These are short and great, easy to do and, best part, free!

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