Wear a small / slim wallet, preferable in your front pocket

At least 20 years of my life, my wallet was like an exploded cabbage in my back pocket, with cash, photos, invoices, coins, cards, car documents, personal documents and other objects for luck. But that time is gone and I will tell you…

…what you need for successful daily experience

A ultra slim minimalist wallet. You can find a lot of models, but not smaller that mine (the one in the photo).

What to do

First of all think about what you really need to carry with you and then buy an appropriate SMALL wallet.

What the benefits are

Light, almost impossible to be stolen, especially if you will keep it in the front pocket, incredible easy to use, cool. I have in the one above more than 6-7 cards including my driving licence, cash and 1-2 receipts from the latest shopping, if necessary.


You will save hundreds on jeans avoiding that annoying holes drilled by the wallet in the back pocket.

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