Watch TV or play games at night without disturbing anyone

The most annoying thing when you watch TV, no matter if it’s a movie, a documentary or even worse, an entertainment show, is to simply watch with the volume so low that the experience becomes hilarious. You may as well want to play a game on TV when the others are doing other things but the sound of the “mayhem” from your game is a deal-breaker.

You’re probably well intended as you are doing this in order to avoid making noise, maybe your kids are sleeping, maybe your wife is taking a nap right besides you, or probably you don’t want to wake up your neighbors late in the night.

What can you do for a complete experience?

If you think that your wired headphones could be a solution, I totally doubt that the cord is long enough to reach your couch. But you are on the right path.

Introducing the affordable magic device: TV Bluetooth transmitter

Here’s what this little thing does. When it’s plugged in your TV 3.5mm audio jack it transmits the sound to an audio receiver. This means that if you have bluetooth headphones or a bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your TV show or game without disturbing anyone around.

I usually put a small bluetooth speaker right next to me on the couch or behind my head because I still want to hear if my little son wakes up or starts crying. But if you want a full-blown experience, bluetooth headphones are the way to go!

What I use and highly recommend because i totally love the 2-in-1 electronics is an affordable Bluetooth Transmiter AND Receiver. It has raving reviews on Amazon and now, after personally testing it, I can say I am very happy with my decision. Best part is, since it’s also a receiver, you can also use it into your car to stream music from your phone and deliver it into your AUX input.

There you have it. I hope I’ve solved your problems, especially at night when everyone in the house needs privacy but you want to listen. Enjoy and let me know how it worked!