Warm up your pool in just a couple of hours with ZERO costs

how to heat up pool with zero

If you’re like me, you love water and, generally, swimming and being lazy in the summer. One thing I also love is enjoying a summer afternoon or evening in a warm pool, with music in the background, BBQ sizzling and a fine cocktail in my hand.

Temperature plays a really critical role when it comes to comfort so I always stay on the “warm” side of things. That’s why I like to heat up the pool a little bit just to make sure not only myself but also my family (and, sometimes, friends) are comfortable staying in the water.

However, as we all know, comfort comes with associated costs, right? Heating up that water comes up with electricity costs and I am VERY cheap when it comes to spending money, as you already know. So, I started doing my research to find out cheaper (if not, FREE) ways to warm up my pool when the weather outside is not as generous. Luckily, I found something that blew my mind for its simplicity and efficiency.

Introducing: trash bags

Yes, you’ve read that right. Trash bags. I stumbled upon a Facebook post where someone was bragging about this method where you basically take black trash bags, lay them on the surface of the water and fill as much of the visible area as you can. This is how that person’s setup looked like:

The dark plastic will absorb heat MUCH faster than the light blue (or white) color of your pool and will warm up your water quickly.

I tried this method on my home pool and it warmed up in about 2 hours

I was blown away with the results, as I did nothing else but putting the bags to lay flat on the water for 2 hours and then took them off. Water was super warm, as usual and I had to use zero electricity to warm it up more.

That’s it – hope you enjoyed this uber-cool tip. Feel free to comment below and let us know how it worked out for you!