Use tote bags as laundry bags

If you use a basket, a box or even worse, many baskets or boxes to keep your dirty stuff in, you are not on the right path. Use textile tote bags, save money, space, make it versatile, hygienic and, best part, save the planet in the same time.

Why you’ll love it

You can assign each family member one or more tote bag and everyone can manage personal laundry from storage to washing.

What you will need

Tote bags, preferably made with organic cotton. You can buy them for few bucks, or if you are lucky you can get them free as incentives.

How you will do it

Store you dirty washable belongings in there. You can keep them under the bed, in the closet, hanged on the walls, doors, wherever they fit best. Some of them are soooo nice looking you can even use them to make your place look nicer.


You can wash them together with your dirty stuff, you can take them with you while traveling as well. You can fill them up with other clothes and use them as pillows while camping.

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