Use AAA (smaller) batteries INSTEAD of AA (bigger), like nothing happened

I have to admit that when i’m talking about batteries i’m referring to rechargeable ones, because there is a lot time since I haven’t bought disposables, and I am proud of it. Even so, leaving in a house full of toys and battery-based electronic things, sometimes I run out of resources. Here is how I do handle the lack of AA batteries (when it happens).

Why you’ll love it

You can keep the things moving (or lighting, singing, etc.) until you get new batteries.

What you’ll need

AAA batteries to replace the missing AA ones, and some metallic foil (from a chocolate, wrapping foil from the kitchen or something similar)

How will you do it

Pun the smaller batteries instead of the bigger ones (of course paying attention to “+” and “-” signs) and fill the gaps with aluminium foil. You’re back in business now!

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