Try These Natural Hacks Against Mosquitos

natural hacks against mosquitos

We live in an age where summer is invaded by mosquitoes, flies, ants and other harmful insects.

The first solution we think of is to resort to less healthy products, which are fully available on the market. But, if you have small children or animals and you do not want to stay up all night with sprays in hand then you have at hand natural alternatives, very effective.

First of all, you must know that mosquitoes are attracted to our smell, especially the smell of sweat, both on the body and on the feet.

Here are the best natural hacks and remedies against mosquitos

A first solution is to wash as often as possible in the hot period, so that sweat does not become an invitation to mosquitoes, plus it increases the acidity of the body. Use menthol soap, as it lowers the acidity of the skin and also masks the human odor.

To prevent mosquitoes from attacking your skin, you can apply a water solution to your skin, dripping a few drops of peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme or cedar essential oil .


You can also prepare your own solution of 6 drops of citronella oil, 3 drops of eucalyptus oil , 3 drops of peppermint oil, 3 drops of lavender oil and 100 ml of plain water. Citronella essential oil has a pleasant but strong smell, and is not tolerated by mosquitoes. Put the solution in a spray container and use it whenever needed, especially in the evening or before leaving home.

To keep mosquitoes away from home, you can confidently use a few plants that you can keep indoors.

Flycatchers, those beautifully colored plants, in addition to their aesthetic appearance, act as a shield against mosquitoes.

If you want double protection against mosquitoes, use basil with confidence. Thus, you will have a fresh, fragrant and delicious plant in the kitchen but also a quick weapon against mosquitoes.

Oil of Lavender essential,

We all know that lavender has a pleasant smell, with a calming effect. But did you know that he is an enemy of mosquitoes? This plant must be kept at the window, in the sun and will become a shield against mosquitoes.

Most flies, insects do not tolerate the smell of mint, so a pot of mint in the house is the ideal solution against mosquitoes. In addition, if you have been stung, rub the area with a mint leaf and the itching will be diminished.

Also, matte grass is extremely effective in the magnifying glass against mosquitoes. Research has found that matte grass is 10 times more effective than any product on the market. In addition, if you have cats in the house, they will be very happy to have them around.

Rosemary is often used in cooking to flavor lamb steaks or other meat or fish dishes. Keep the plant in the kitchen or in the garden and it will not only keep mosquitoes away but will also attract a lot of beautiful butterflies in the garden.

Also in the house you can try the air fresheners. Add a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, citronella essential oil to the water.


There are also bracelets impregnated with essential oils, which form an aromatic barrier against mosquitoes. You can hang them from your child’s stroller or backpack.

How do we treat mosquito bites?

When we are stung by a mosquito, our body reacts against substances that enter the skin with the mosquito’s saliva. An inflammatory reaction occurs, the skin swells and there is an itchy and burning sensation.

The first thing you need to do is wash the area with cold soap and water. Then put ice on the bite. Ice narrows the blood vessels and thus fewer inflammatory substances reach that place.

Another remedy is to apply apple cider vinegar or aromatic vinegar on the affected area . The itching will diminish and the area will not become inflamed.

You can also apply a bicarbonate solution with water on the bite. Lemon juice has the same effect.


Eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil will soothe inflammation and cool the affected area. Do not apply them directly to the skin because they are irritating. You can massage the place three times a day with a mixture of two drops of essential oil mixed in a tablespoon of sunflower, almonds or jojoba.

For people with more sensitive skin or for those who have annoying symptoms, poultices with raw cabbage leaves, plantain or basil are recommended. Squeeze the leaves forward to release the active substances from the plant.

These remedies are also effective if you are stung by other types of insects , except those caused by wasps, because their venom can create a more violent reaction.