Triple your storage space for clothes by using this magic bag

de-clutter your clothes

One of the few things me and my wife have done when we travelled around the world is we bought large suitcases to make sure all of our clothes fit in. In our case, it’s been a matter of volume and not weight, since our clothes are all fluffy and voluminous.

Another important aspect for us is storing our off-season clothes, blankets and pillows in moth-free conditions while utilizing minimum space in our storage or garage. This has always been a problem for us since our house is small and storing stuff quickly clogs up our available space.

However, we’ve found a (magical) solution to the travel and storage problem some time ago and I am happy to share it with you, guys! Here it comes…

Introducing: vacuum bags

These bags are exactly what the name says: bags in which you can put stuff (in our case, clothes, blankets and pillows) and then you can use a vacuum to “suck” all the excess air from the bag while making it super slim. Here’s an example of a twin comforter before being stored in the vacuum bag:

Here’s how it looks like after being stored into the vacuum bag and all air removed with the vacuum:

vacuum bag after

Unbelievable, right?? Absorption of air is made via that blue valve and it works like a breeze with any vacuum. Removing the clothes or blankets is super easy and does not require vacuum – you just open the bag and let oxygen bring back the volume of your items. That easy! Imagine how much space you can save with this while traveling!

I personally use this kit which is Amazon’s best seller which I highly recommend for both the price and the quality:

Few last thoughts

Storing with vacuum has a ton of advantages besides gaining storage space or helping you travel with less luggage: pest such as moth will not affect your clothes or blankets made of cotton or wool. Also, they’ll not gain that old smell during the off-season, as there is literally no air circulating through them anymore.

Storing in vacuum is definitely an amazing hack which you should be trying if you want to optimize your life and household!