Tips for my son – Ep. #1

Today I decided to start a new series of life hacks, and even though the title sounds a little bit kids-specific, rest assured that all the following tips apply to parents as well.

Don’t be afraid of big challenges, once you master a technique

You are good at something, no matter what. That being said, treat everything like you’re swimming in deep waters; once you can swim it doesn’t makes any difference if the water is 10 or 1000 feet.

Only a rat can win a rat race

This speaks for itself so, in other words, if you want to play, join the game and play by the book. Remember what the final goal is and why you are there. It’s just a game and at some moment it will end.

Learn the rules so that you can successfully break them (if you want)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an instigator and everything is supposed to be in the limits of law so what we are talking about here is playing within the boundaries. The whole idea is that you need to be aware which side of the game you play and always calculate your risk when choosing a position.

Next episode will be about money so stay tuned!

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