This IS evolution. Use silicone shoe laces.

One of the products with the slowest evolution in history is the lace, or, because they are usually a couple, the laces. Ancient strings made of cotton or animal skin are keeping in place billions of shoes daily. If you count at least half a minute for putting one pair of shoes on, you can figure out how close is the infinite.

Why you’ll love it

Put your shoes on in seconds. Literally.

What you’ll need

A pair of shoes, a set of silicone shoe laces and 2 minutes to set them up.

How will you do it

No need to insist here, put them from front to back, from the smallest size to the bigger one. They are usualy 14 pieces per set (2 x 7). Now you can put your shoes on almost instantly, all your little kids can do the same without any big effort. You can choose between a lot of colors matching your shoes. I usually use black and get them from HERE.


If you are a runner, jogger or you practice any type of sport that involves classic laces on your shoes, you will get rid of the stress of accidentally untying in the middle of something important. GO!

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