This Food “melts” Your Body Fat And Detoxifies Your Liver If You Consume it Before Each Meal


Spirulina, the miraculous microalgae, known especially for its ability to strengthen the immune system, can be used successfully when you want to lose extra pounds!

It is one of the most complex dietary supplements, which should not be missing from the daily diet, with many properties and benefits. Spirulina can be found in both pills and powder. The recommended daily dose for adults is 3 tablets, one before each meal of the day.

Source of essential amino acids

It is a micro-algae that grows in freshwater and rich in mineral salts of certain African lakes, but also in culture ponds in tropical areas. The Incas knew its nutritional value. In addition to vitamins and minerals, spirulina provides essential amino acids, which the body cannot produce and which it absolutely needs.

Spirulina: A Food full of vitamins that cuts out your appetite

Spirulina is sold as capsules or tablets. A spirulina cure strengthens your immune system and helps you maintain your ideal weight – because seaweed has the ability to cut your appetite, thanks to its concentration of phenylalanine. Algae are easily digested and still have the ability to balance blood sugar.

After a cure with spirulina, the results are seen especially in the fat deposits around the waist.

Helps degrade carbohydrates

Spirulina also helps in weight loss because it contains biotin, a substance involved in the degradation of carbohydrates. In addition, it is an important source of vitamins B1 and B 2, which help the proper functioning of the brain and heart and have an anti-aging effect. The nutrients in the algae energize you, reducing fatigue on exertion.

Spirulina Detoxifies the liver

“Historically, the consumption of spirulina takes us back to ancient times, to the time of Aztec civilizations. Over time, it has been discovered that in addition to the energy it gives you, this alga has the property of detoxifying your liver and strengthening your immune system because it is extremely rich in proteins and nutrients such as iron, potassium. , magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and beta-carotene “, says farm. research. Biosunline – Dr. Anca Pop.

How you should start

Spirulina, administered on an empty stomach, covers the stomach lining with a protective layer, which induces a feeling of satiety. When taking a spirulina cure, you should not be afraid that you may be deficient in vitamins or minerals, because algae provide almost all the nutrients the body needs.

You will start the cure by taking 2 capsules of spirulina, before the main meals. If the dose is well chosen, you will feel full after eating a moderate portion of food. If you are still hungry, you will adjust the dose by taking an extra capsule. It is best to follow the treatment on the recommendation of a specialist – and the diet should be adapted accordingly.