The numbers are in: how many calories you need to burn to lose 1 pound of fat

how many calories are in a pound of fat

Alright girls and gents, this is a quick one: you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound of body fat. You can do this by exercising (obviously) or/and restricting calories. Of course, not all calories are equal. Choose healthy fats and protein, lots and lots of veggies and limit sugars and starches. I know, easy to say but at least now you know how many calories you need to restrict to reach your goal.

Don’t forget, sleep and hydration play an important role as well.

That’s it. Next time you’re setting weight-loss goals, you’ll have the numbers at hand. Remember, this is not medical advice – make sure to check in with your doctor before you actually make any changes in your lifestyle, including diet.

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