Put your passport where it (digitally) belongs

Pay attention, this is not a hack, rather a must-do. Traveling can be quite tricky and sometimes you can end up losing (some of your) belongings. That might include your passport (or any identity card whatsoever) and maaan that might definitely suck.

Why you’re going to love this

You’ll thank us later. But we’ll be happier if you won’t need to.

What you need

A smartphone and your passport (or the traveling ID).

How you’ll do it

Take a good photo of your identity document, be sure that all fields are readable. Now you have a copy in your smartphone, that’s good. If you use an Android device it’ll probably be uploaded automatically in your Google Photos account, which is actually better if you have a habit of losing things, even your smartphone.

Upload your photo in any accessible cloud drive you can log into, if necessary (OneDrive, Dropbox to name a few) or simply email it to your own email address.

Now, if things go south, you can at least provide a digital copy of your passport. But, as we’ve said before, we hope this won’t be necessary.

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