Stop glasses from sliding down your nose by doing 1 thing

how to stop glasses from sliding down your nose

In the last couple of years I’ve spent money on different brands of sunglasses, not only because I was undecided or I am the fancy type but because I got unlucky several times. None of them manage to make it through my current lifestyle which involves a lot of time spent with my little kid, carrying him in my arms, holding and doing a lot of things in the same time, playing with him, kneeling again and again for toys or shopping bags.

Then, at some point, I remembered an old-school idea: straps and retainers. I have used several sunglasses straps, retainers, cords, cables, synthetic, leather to find the perfect one, until I found 2 that check a lot of boxes. Here they are:

(My) Option #1 – The Elastic Silicone Strap Holder (or glasses retainer if you want to call it this way)

This “solution” consists of strong elastic silicone material, which is lightweight and soft to wear, very soft on the ears, fits most glasses, is perfect for sports, hiking, fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities, or simply wearing glasses casually.

The main advantage is that you can release your glasses anytime by letting them hanging over your neck stress-free, whenever you’re busy with something else. And trust me, this can by critical sometimes (you there, parents?)

(My) Option #2 – Anti-Slip Glasses Individual Ear Hooks

These are just great! Easy to put on my glasses and really comfortable. I didn’t even see or feel them behind the ear after putting them on. A simple solution to a common problem of having your glasses falling or sliding down your nose.

As a plus, if I have to compare them with my previous recommendation, they are almost invisible for the eye, if the social aspect is important to you. Otherwise, they are most likely to keep your sunglasses a long time on your nose at the perfect height because it’s a little bit difficult to take them off and on and so on.

Anyway, whatever you choose, your glasses are safe now!