Spend less time in fitting rooms while shopping

Ever been to the mall on a romper, a jumpsuit, or even on some clothes that take time to wear or remove? And you need to try out multiple clothes?

There was a time I had to do a lot of shopping for clothes, and I wore a dress with a lot of tiny buttons and lots of straps. Since I came alone, I spent a lot of time in the fitting room trying to unbutton my dress to try out the new clothes.

Meanwhile, the woman in the other room had already tried on multiple dresses. She was trying them on top of her leggings and sleeveless shirt! I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this.

I realized all the stress could have been averted if I had worn simple leggings made of light material and a fitted shirt.

So, next time you want to go shopping. Wear a fitted tee and pants! It is simple and less stressful. Remember not to wear baggy leggings or tee shirts. This is so that they don’t make the clothes you tried on bulkier.

What do you wear when shopping for clothes? Does it save you time and energy as well?