Say goodbye to dirty billiard cue shafts with no extra effort

If you are a pool player and, of course, confident, passionate or – to use a trendy word – aficionado, you own your personal cue (or maybe a set). It is absolutely normal, and I couldn’t recommend something more appropriate than using your own gear when practicing a cue sport, or a sport, generally speaking.

Like signs of battles, the more you play, the more your cue becomes blue-ish because of that damn blue chalk without whom your game will be as bad as hell, and that’s a fact. You probably can live without cue chalk, but for sure you cannot play without it.

What do you (probably) usually do?

When the shaft is obviously turning blue and you start to miss the wooden brown, maybe you will call a specialist in cue shafts cleaning to do all the cleaning work for a correct price (no need to sell and arm or a leg for that but if you want a good job you have to pay for it). As a second option, if your cue just needs a little TLC, a complete McDermott Cue Shafts Maintenance Kit McMagic will be hard to beat here (highly recommended).

PRO TIP – how to definitely avoid the blue dirt without doing nothing

Avoid any shades of blue by choosing a golden (yes, golden!) piece of chalk. Is not that golden as the name suggest, but it is neither brown or orange. Anyway, it is almost invisible on wood and after hundred of hours of pool your cue shaft will look more or less like new, so you can focus on your next shots not on your weird colored stick. When it comes to classics, Master Cue Chalk GOLD is the name of the game and my personal choice.

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