Save money while you wait for that hot shower water

We’ve all been there: you turn the water on and need to wait for like 5 minutes to get that hot water you need to relax and call it a day. However you’re literally throwing money down the drain while you wait.

Why you’ll love it

You’ll save money as well as gain that confidence you’re doing the right thing and not letting your budget be wasted.

What you’ll need

One or two plastic buckets. Choose a large, generous one.

How you will do it

Place your bucket in the tub and turn on the faucet on hot. As soon as the water is running, you’ll start collecting the cold part of it in the bucket. If it’s still cold, take the first bucket out and put the other one and keep collecting water. Once the temperature hits the right spot, turn off the faucet, take the bucket out and store this excess water somewhere either in the bathroom or kitchen. Now, for God’s sake, proceed with your shower!

Use this excess water to take care of your plants or even flush the toilet and stop wasting your budget. You can thank us later!

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