Remove soap scum from your shower in about 50 seconds

how to clean soap scum with magic eraser

We’ve all been there: taking long hot (or cold?) showers after a hard day at work is, probably, the most relaxing thing we can ask for. Putting a lot of tea-tree shower gel, letting those oils relax our skin, nerves and mind.

Everything is great until, one day, most probably, just before you’re about to receive guests over, you realize the shower cabin has those nasty, persistent soap scum spots that look so bad. That is particularly visible on transparent doors where water and soap constantly flow when you rinse yourself.

Especially in these situations but, in general (because, hey, who doesn’t want to save time) there’s a ridiculous SUPER FAST way to clean your shower cabin in less than 1 minute (at least, that’s how long it took me).

(RE)Introducing: Magic Eraser

I’ve talked multiple times about what an amazing invention this little sponge brick can be. From cleaning my Apple Watch silicone band to cleaning shoes, this uber-cheap product doesn’t even detergent or any other cleaning agent to do its job.

When it comes to your shower cabin, here’s what you need do to in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get your Magic Eraser from Amazon (a pack of 9 sponges is $5.99)
  2. Wet the sponge with water and then squeeze the excess
  3. Rub the doors of your shower cabin and the tiles. One pass will do it

Prepare to be amazed. I was blown away how quick this thing works and how much time it saves me to clean my shower (in Texas we’ve got some really hard water).

That’s it folks! Enjoy another super awesome hack!