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Waist Bag for Travel (Unisex, Multi-Color Option)

Waist bag with high-quality materials
  • High-quality​ materials & Slim
  • This waist pack is made of top quality materials. The nylon material, canvas webbing belt make this waist packs is much more durable and has soft hand feeling. This slim waist packs can keep away breathable and circulates air between your waist or back and the pack.
Multi choice for running waist pack
  • Multi-Color to choose
  • Colorful, young and energetic, used in various occasions, this fanny pack is perfect for anyone, such as cyclists, runners, trainers, campers, hikers, climbers or hunters.


  • Nylon
  • Water-resistant waist pack for splash or drop water, do not take it into the water
  • Lightweight fanny pack fit for women men or child comfortably to travel or sports
  • Adjustable poly web waist belt, waist size is up to 50 inches, nice daily and travel fanny pack
  • Accessories extended band straps for this waist bag can be purchased for extra-large waist
  • One main double zippered compartment.Two extra front pocket.One extra hidden rear zippered pocket


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