Preserve freshly cut avocado with this inexpensive trick

how to preserve avocado with a simple trick - cold water - before after

I love avocado. It goes so well in guacamole, raw as a side on my egg and bacon sandwiches or in my protein smoothies. It’s full of healthy fats, keeps me full all day and healthier as well! What’s not to love about it?

The way I was storing avocado leftovers (think halves or quarters) is by storing them in the freezer in a vacuum container, to avoid oxidation. However that generally meant those leftovers will go in a smoothie and not on a sandwich or fresh guacamole.

Introducing: cold water!

I recently learned this super neat trick from one of the cashiers from Costco, who taught me how to store fresh cut avocado in the refrigerator in a simple bag or container (non-vacuum).

The way you do it is ridiculously simple: once you cut the avocado and decide which side of it should be stored, just put that part under a stream of cold water (tap water from the sink is fine) and then immediately store in a zip-lock or a glass container and move in the refrigerator.

Here’s how my experiment went

I sliced the avocado in half, set one on the side for my lunch. As for the other, I kept it under running water for about 3 seconds, then put it into this glass bowl, covered. Covering is not necessary – which makes this trick even better, right?

Here’s how the avocado looked like after 2 days in the fridge. Left is fresh, right is 2 days later:

how to preserve avocado with a simple trick - cold water - before after

Texture and taste were fantastic as usual, which makes me even more excited since this allows me to save on my weekly budget as well.

So there you have it, folks. Free, inexpensive way to unleash your guacamole creativity over this upcoming weekend!

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