Obliterate bad smell from your garbage disposal with this trick

how to remove bad smell garbage disposal

One of the things I constantly make sure in my kitchen is that all my appliances are sanitized and clean. I’ve talked about how I clean my coffee maker and dishwasher with a simple hack and today I want to cover the one and only garbage disposal.

As most of the American households, we use an InSinkErator, basically an electrical device that chops in small pieces any form of vegetable leftovers (and eggshells as well) we are left with after cooking or eating.

As y’all who are using this type of device already know, the garbage disposal has a very typical problem: it not only gets clogged because of grease and other stuff collects over time, but also it can smell really bad. That usually happens because food might get trapped between the blades and rot or ferment there.

As such, I started looking around for cheap, budget friendly solutions to mitigate this problem. What I ended up with is, basically, a super cheap, easy and fast 3-step solution one can use to address both the grease and the smell situation. Here it comes.

Step 1: Pour baking soda into the insinkerator

Be generous: I usually go with 1 cup but, depending on your situation, you might want to double that. I usually go with this baking soda from Amazon, but feel free to choose whatever you have in your household.

how to remove bad smell garbage disposal

Step 2: Pour 16 oz of white vinegar

After you poured the baking soda, drop about 16 oz of white vinegar into the sink. You’ll hear the fizzling sound coming from the two interacting. That’s normal.

Step 3: Pour hot water into the insinkerator and turn it on

Make sure you have hot water sitting aside in a large pot. Once you finish pouring the vinegar, start pouring the hot water while turning on the InSinkErator. Keep pouring the water while the device is on and, once the water is done, turn on cold water and let it run in parallel with the InSinkErator for about 1 minute.

That’s it. At this point, your InSinkErator should be grease-free and, most important, odor free as well. If you can still smell something, repeat the 3 steps one more time and that should do it.