Maximize the flavor of any beer using this very simple hack

Beer is a complex drink, and if you even dare to compare it with wine, the endless discussion about which one is more elaborated will end up late in the night with no clear winner. However, the unanimous conclusion is that a huge amount of beer is sipped straight from cans or bottles which leads us to a legit question: how many people have you ever seen drinking wine straight from the bottle? You following? Great!

Why drinking beer from a glass pint makes a difference

A glass pint delivers everything your craft beer or the brewer has to offer. Both the large bowl and the narrow top trap the beer’s flavor while the flared lip releases the beer to the palate and the volatiles to the nose. The design enhances proper head retention. An etched design at the bottom a beer glass greatly excites carbonation, straight up from the bottom’s center, releasing the most optimal flavor and taste.

Our personal favorite is Amazon’s top choice for this Father’s Day: The Ultimate Pint. This glass is perfectly shaped for maximum flavor extraction and enjoyment and has raving reviews.

What makes this glass pint special?

We like this because it covers a plethora of beers like Pilsners, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Belgian Triples and these include craft beers as well, our favorites!

So there you have it folks – show your appreciation to your dad, husband or whoever you guys think is worth this uber-cool glass pint. And if you’re feeling that is “that time of the year”, you can buy him (or her!) two, bring an ice-cold six-pack as well and have a great time together.

Lastly, drink responsible, everyone!