Make bathroom trips at night a breeze with this awesome hack

sleepy at night

We’ve all been there: it’s the middle of the night and we have to go to the bathroom. Eyes barely open, bladder full, you struggle to find your way in the dark to the bathroom but can’t seem to make it. So, you have to turn on the light. That’s when it hits you: the thousands of lumens drilling through your retina and waking you up at 2 AM in the morning.

Worst part is, once you’re done and ready to go to bed, you’re already awake and you need another 30 minutes to fall asleep again. Fortunately, there is a solution that will make these trips to the bathroom a breeze: not intrusive, not full of light and, best of all, effortless. You’ll need these 2 things:

This Outlet to Lamp Socket

So what this does is it allows you to screw a light bulb into it and then plug it into a regular plug in your bathroom. It’s less than $3 on Amazon and made by GE:

This hub-free color WiFi light bulb

I generally like Philips Hue, but I prefer to give you another recommendation, since it doesn’t require you to purchase a hub which you’d need to connect to your router.

These being said, I recommend using LIFX, a smart light bulb which works like a breeze and is Amazon’s choice as well:

How you’ll do it

Screw the light bulb into the adapter I’ve mentioned above and plug it into one of the sockets from your bathroom. Once you’re done, set the color of the light bulb (via the LIFX app) to red. Yes, red is the best, least intrusive color you’ll want at night when you go to the bathroom. Your eyes will not struggle to stay open, trust me.

Once you’ve done that, you need to set a schedule for the light bulb to turn on the light at, let’s say, 10 PM, and automatically turn off at 7 AM in the morning. Make sure the brightness level is at or around 25%. Boom – you are done! Leave the adapter with the light bulb in all the time, it will turn off and on automatically.

That’s it! Next time you’ll go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you will not have to fear that flood light perforating your brains and waking you up from that nice dream you were having.