Lose weight fast, the healthy way

how to lose weight fast

To lose weight quickly, you must analyze the root of the problem. The main cause for which we get fat is not that we eat too much and we exercise too little, but that we eat foods that favor fattening (sugar, wheat, trans fats, industrial and vegetable oils).

The solution is to eliminate these foods. And it works. Here’s how.

Insulin – the door to fat cells

Insulin is known for its important role in controlling blood sugar levels. What is interesting is how insulin affects your fat cells (adipocytes).

One of the main functions of insulin is to send signals to fat cells, which are “specialized” cells whose sole purpose is to build and store fat.

For these cells, insulin works as a door. It sends the blood sugar to the fat cells and tells them to turn it into fat. At the same time, insulin tells these cells to “hold on” to this fat and not let it go. Poor nutrition constantly increases insulin levels and constantly promotes fat deposition leading to obesity.

To get fat cells to release that fat, we need to reduce the level of insulin by changing the foods we eat on a regular basis.

What is the solution?

The most effective method for reducing insulin is to reduce carbohydrates in your diet diet. When your carbohydrate intake is low, insulin decreases and fat cells are free to release the fatty tissue they hold as a stool. Since fat is released, the body can use it as a source of energy. At this point, the brain realizes that it doesn’t need to eat that much anymore. Appetite decreases and weight loss begins without complicated diets and restrictions, as long as carbohydrates are kept low.

A lifestyle with as few carbs as possible is a healthy lifestyle. It improves blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and leads directly to weight loss in adipose tissue. If you want complete information, you can read more studies on this topic:herehere, and here.

It has been proven that this type of diet can cure type II diabetes.

So remember: reducing carbohydrates and insulin levels is the best way to lose weight. It is a proven fact.

How much carbohydrates are needed per day?

Depending on your goal, your carbohydrate level may increase or decrease:

  • Maintain: 100-150 grams of carbohydrates per day
  • Weight loss: less than 100 grams per day
  • Fast weight loss: less than 50 grams per day

These levels are for informational purposes only and must be tailored to each individual. For example, high-performance athletes need more (high-quality) carbohydrates, and if you do office work all day, you need a minimum of carbs.

You have to experiment and see what’s best for you.

Be aware that it may take a few days for your body to adapt and start burning fat for energy, instead of carbohydrates.

What are we allowed to eat?

In a low-carb diet you can eat cheese (I recommend fermented cheese), ketchup, sour cream, unprocessed meat, nuts and seeds of all kinds (raw), vegetables, fish, eggs, butter, avocado.

Avoid wheat, cereals, sugar, trans fats, refined oils and sweet fruits. For your convenience, check out the foods I recommend eating while reducing your carbohydrates intake. This can serve as a general guide if you’re looking for inspiration:

To measure the level of daily carbohydrates, I use MyNetDiary, an app that allows you to track what you eat and tells you the amount of nutrients (including calories). However, there are other such applications, you could use one to help you in the beginning.

And do not forget about being active or even working out, if you have time and resources: 3 times a week, vigorously – these sessions to involve lifting weights to improve your metabolism and to increase the level of fat burning.