How to connect IKEA’s Tradfri smart lights to your Philips Hue hub

If you are not already familiar with the smart light solution provided by Philips, you should know that it is a big step forward in the race for better and smarter control on energy consumption as well as a giant leap for your in-house fun!

You can control when the lights turn on, off, their intensity, choose your favorite color from a range of 16 millions available, which light remains open and how long, and much more. You can control everything using a conventional dimmer, an app on your smartphone (even if you are not at home) or a smart speaker such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa or HomePod.

On the other side, those of you already familiar with the benefits of Philips Hue, you know that these lights can be a bit pricier, especially when you want to cover your entire house or apartment. However, we’ve got some good news for y’all!

You can now add IKEA Tradfri Smart Bulbs to the Philips Hue Hub and save money up to 40%

What does that mean?

1. You will need a Philips Hue Kit that contains the Hub (a minimal one, as a matter of fact only a bridge and two light bulbs). Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri are using same Zigbee protocol for their lighting technology so they are compatible.

2. You won’t need from IKEA anything but the light bulbs which are cosiderably cheaper than Philips Hue. We’ve done the math and the price tag is roughly 40% cheaper.

How will you do this

Assuming that you already set up the Philips Hue kit, follow the next steps:

1. Factory reset the IKEA light bulbs. By default, the Ikea Tradfri Light Bulbs are set to work with the Ikea bridge which you actually don’t need to buy, so you have to reset that pairing. The way you do this is by putting the light bulb on a socket and flip it to “ON”, switch it off and again on 6 times, then stop. You should see it flashing quickly – only one flash (for some bulbs that flash is so quick, if you blink you can lose it). 

2. Let the bulbs “rest” for few minutes (a software reset is happening)

3. With the light bulb on, open the Philips Hue app on your smartphone, go into Settings / Light setup / Add light / Search and you should see the Ikea Light bulb right there, available for setup. Add it.

4. Repeat the steps above for all the Ikea light bulbs that you have.

Few things you should consider

1. The hardest part is to reset the Ikea bulbs. You should keep a steady pace between switching on and off, with the duration of the “on” status smaller than the “off” one. You’ll eventually get there. Start the entire process by resetting and adding one bulb, the rest will follow flawless once you master the technique

2. If the app doesn’t find the light bulb repeat the entire process

In my case, 10 more IKEA light bulbs added to my Philips Hue light system led to around $200 savings, so it was worth the effort!

In the meantime you can start with the Philips Hue Light Kit – Philips is running this deal on Amazon for the refurbished starter kit at $49 (includes 2 light bulbs and hub)

And, of course, the affordable IKEA Tradfri light bulbs which can be found here

Let us know how it worked!

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