Keep your toddler safe and away from the gas stove with this trick

gas stove knobs - child safety

As a parent, I am always on the lookout for things that might put my daughter in danger such as sharp corners and edges, electric wall plugs, knives and so forth.

We have recently moved in a newer property where the stove is not electric anymore. Instead, it operates with gas and this has opened a brand new can of worms for us: how to make sure our little one doesn’t accidentally turn on the gas stove.

I’ve looked for all kinds of solutions and eventually landed on a fantastic one that works LIKE A BREEZE.

Introducing Safety 1st knob covers

At 9to5hacks you know we’re always making sure we’re getting the best bang of our buck.

This being said, I’ve found this $6.99 set of 5 knob covers best seller on Amazon that match any kind of gas stove knobs and can be installed in under 10 seconds. Per the product description, a hinged lid allows for easy adult access when needed while the transparent knobs allows for clear indication that your stove burners are safely in the off position.

In detail, these covers look like this:

Installed, they look like this:

The things I absolutely love about this product, besides the price (!!!) are:

  • They require tool-Free Installation
  • Their universal design fits most ranges
  • They have a hinged lid for convenience
  • They are durable and heat-resistant
  • They feature Easy, non-adhesive attachment

These are up for grabs on Amazon, like I said, for an incredible $6.99 – which I personally think is just awesome. You can always return them if you are not happy but, trust me, you will!