Keep spiders, ants and other bugs away with this natural hack

how to keep spiders and ants away

I live in Texas. Not sure if you guys know what that means, but let me clarify for y’all newbies out there: the insects and other crawling things I see down here can easily make a decent thriller movie.

On a more serious note, especially during the summers but even going into fall, when humidity is high, we keep seeing spiders and ants trying to make their way into our apartment. What I initially did was to look into all the chemical traps and sprays my local Walmart had to offer. But then, we had our daughter, so using toxic insect repellants next to our doors and windows became a concern for us.

So, last year, I started doing my research around what things we can try to do so that small bugs stay away from our nest, while making sure our daughter is safe. I’ve found multiple solutions and ideas, some involving UV lamps – not necessarily safe and definitely expensive.

One day I had a conversation with my mom who suggested an amazing hack which I started initially in a small area to test its efficiency and then expanded to cover all potential entry points into our apartment. Here it comes…

Introducing: white vinegar

Basically, what you need to do is:

  • use a hand spray pump – you can reuse one from your window cleaner or get one from Amazon
  • prepare a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar and pour it into the spray pump

Start by spraying all the areas you think are entry points for bugs: I usually spray around the door frame, window frames and balcony floor. Be generous and don’t worry about the liquid or vinegar smell – it will evaporate and the smell will go away.

What I understand is that the acidic potential of the vinegar is what keeps insects away and makes it a less attractive path for them to access your home. Regardless, this is a 100% kids-safe and environmental safe alternative to all dangerous chemicals one can find in store.

Plus, it’s ridiculously cheap which, as you know, we absolutely love here at 9to5hacks.

Enjoy your day and let us know how it worked!