Keep AirPods from slipping off your ears with this neat trick

how to keep airpods from falling

I do enjoy my AirPods. The simplicity they bring to my everyday life is ridiculous, from running to taking work calls or watching a Netflix show with my husband while our daughter is sleeping.

One of the things I enjoy when it comes to working out is CrossFit. This spectacular sport comes with a lot of movement like jumping and running which I love and I cannot see my life without. Now, because working out comes, naturally, with a lot of burned calories and sweating, when I wear my AirPods, because of the moisture in my ears, they sometimes slip out.

This has been a constant source of stress for me, especially when I am running, because it interrupts me from working, it’s distracting and, hey, let’s be honest, AirPods are an expensive product. So I started doing my research and I eventually landed a solution to prevent AirPods to slip out of my ears and maaaan it’s a cool one.

Introducing: Silicone Ear Hooks

So what I found is basically a small silicone cover that goes over the main body of the AirPods and has an anatomically shaped side that follows the natural path of the ear and secures the earphone much better. Here’s how it looks like:

And here’s how your AirPods will look like when you’re going to wear them:

There are few things I like about this product:

  1. they’re super easy to install and removed
  2. they come with 100% money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

These have become my go-to accessories for my AirPods. They are Amazon’s choice and, currently, a set of 3 pairs is selling $11. I’m including a link below, feel free to check them out and let me know how they worked!