Inflate your tyres properly and save money with every mile you drive

If you just started driving or already have some hundred of thousand of miles in front of the steering wheel, you may be surprised to find that is a correlation between the tyres pressure and the fuel consumption. As there are some different opinions and theories about the percentage of consumption saving, common sense and physics confirm that there is one.

Why you’ll love it

At the end of the month when you will check your spendings you will have a nice surprise on the “Fuel” category.

What you’ll need

Basically nothing, you can do that for free every time you refuel your car. Alone or asking a pump guy.

How you will do it

Open the car’s door on the driver side and search for a sticker (a technical one) on the door’s frame. It should indicate the proper pressure for the front wheels, back wheels, when the car is normal loaded or overloaded. You may find that information in the vehicle’s book. Then inflate all the tyres accordingly (not over inflate them though). Easy like sunday morning.

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