Improve Your Health By Including Celery Into Your Daily Diet

health benefits of celery

The health benefits of celery do not just involve lowering blood pressure . Celery contains at least eight types of compounds that fight cancer .
The plant belongs to the same family as parsley and fennel: Umbelliferae. It can even reach a height of 30-35 cm. White celery is grown in shady areas, away from direct sunlight. This explains why it has a lower amount of chlorophyll compared to other related plants.

Celery root is crunchy and is often used for cooking, soups or salads. It tastes slightly salty, depending on the variety. Therefore, it is recommended that celery juice be mixed with sweet fruit juices.

The nutritional benefits of celery

Celery leaves are rich in vitamin A , while the stems are an excellent source of vitamin B1 , B2 , B6 and C to which are added potassium , folic acid , calcium , magnesium , iron , phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids .

The organic sodium contained in celery is recommended for consumption, being essential for the body. Even people sensitive to salt can carelessly consume celery sodium, as opposed to table salt, which affects those who suffer from high blood pressure .

Although most foods lose their nutrients during cooking, most celery compounds can withstand high temperatures.

Health benefits

Consumption of celery helps lower blood pressure. When celery juice is combined with the juices of other plants, the benefits are increased for various ailments. Recent studies have shown that celery may be effective in fighting several forms of cancer.

Among the benefits of celery juice are:

  • Reduction of acidity – important minerals in this juice effectively balance the blood pH in the body and neutralize acidity.
  • tonic – celery juice acts as a perfect tonic for athletes, for example, and after training it replaces lost electrolytes and rehydrates the body with minerals.
  • cancer – celery is known for its compounds, which fight cancer , with a role in stopping the development of tumor cells. The phenolic acids contained in celery block the action of prostaglandins that stimulate the growth of tumor cells. Coumarins help prevent free radicals from forming in cells affected by the tumor.
  • cholesterol – celery juice has been shown to effectively lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) .
  • colon and stomach cancer – phytochemicals , coumarins contained in celery prevent the formation and development of colon and stomach cancer .
  • constipation – celery has a natural laxative effect and helps relax nerves that have been overloaded.
  • lowering body temperature – when the weather is warm and the atmosphere dry, it is recommended to consume a glass of celery juice two or three times a day, between meals. It will help normalize body temperature.
  • diuretic – potassium and sodium in celery juice regulate fluid levels in the body, stimulate urine production and help eliminate excess fluid.
  • inflammation – celiac polyacetylene is an amazing remedy for all types of inflammation, as well as those characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis , osteoarthritis , gout , asthma and bronchitis .
  • renal function – celery supports the normal activity of renal function, contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body, which prevents the formation of kidney stones .
  • lowering blood pressure – daily consumption of celery juice for a week will lead to a significant decrease in blood pressure . A celery compound will relax the muscles around the arteries , dilate the blood vessels, and it will circulate normally.
  • To install this effect, celery juice will be consumed for a week, there will be a break of three weeks, and then the cure will resume.
  • nervous system – the alkaline organic minerals in celery juice have a calming effect on the nervous system , which makes celery an ideal drink for those suffering from insomnia .
  • weight loss – it is recommended to consume celery juice throughout the day. It will reduce the craving for sweets and full foods .
  • stones in the bladder and gallbladder – celery juice not only has a diuretic effect , but also helps eliminate gallstones and bladder stones .

Recommendations for celery consumption

Choose a green celery, rich in chlorophyll. Make sure the stems and root are strong, not soft. If you want to keep it in the fridge, wrap the celery in a plastic bag or a slightly damp cloth. Do not leave it too silent at room temperature so that it does not wither. If the leaves are withered, spray a little water on them and put it in the fridge to regain its freshness.


Celery is a succulent plant that is covered with a layer of ” pesticides ” that protect it from fungi. This protective layer contains psoralena , a compound that is not well tolerated by some people. Those who experience skin problems after consuming celery may experience sensitivity to psoralen.

People with low blood pressure , they accused an even more pronounced decrease in blood pressure after consuming celery. Therefore, if you fall into this category, avoid constant consumption of celery.