How to “save” your haircut so you can “load” or use it later

Have you randomly gotten a badass haircut that everyone complimented? Or had a friend with a nice haircut you liked and you wanted that too. But you couldn’t visit the barber that gave the haircut. 

You went to a barber that hasn’t done your hair before and described exactly what you want. He said he understood. The result 30 mins later? A horrible haircut that made you want to hide inside your room forever.

Service providers most times don’t listen and they always do what they want. They act like they understand what you explained then they go ahead to do the exact opposite of what you said.

If you can relate to that scenario here’s what I suggest you do, whenever you get that good haircut that gets you a lot of compliments or has a friend with a nice haircut. 

You should take a picture of the hair from different angles, so you can always show the barber when next you want to get your haircut. You could also do a video that showcases the hairstyle at different angles.

I’ve always noticed that service providers do much better when you show them what you want than when you describe it.

What do you do when you want to get that haircut that everyone seems to like?