How to preserve your paint roller trays and be mess free as well

We all know how frustrating cleaning our tools after painting can be. Cleaning the paint roller tray can be a tedious task, and most of the time gets thrown away, along with the money we spent on it. But, as usual, we’ve got a hack for it!

Why you’re going to love this

It’s free ridiculously cheap. Here’s the thing: it costs you, literally, a trash bag. Also, it’s virtually mess-free, hence you earn time.

What you’ll need

A trash bag. There, I said it: a trash bag.

How you will hack it

Before you start painting, grab a trash bag and lay it on the bottom of the tray. Once you’re done, pour the paint and do your stuff. At the end, collect the trash bag and put it in the, you guessed it, trash.

Now give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done it. You’re a 9to5 hacker!

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