How to keep ants from crawling up your picnic table

We all hate ants – well, most of us do – If you don’t, just accept that you are weird. These six-legged creatures are pretty annoying. You could control them at home with pesticides or insect repellent, but what if you are having a picnic outside? 

There, they are a little hard to get rid of. Besides, you can’t always be carrying pesticides or insect repellents around. 

Back in college, I could remember planning a small birthday thingy with the girls at the beach. We kept the cake along with other things at our picnic table. We left to goof around; at our return, ants were on the cake, the things we brought, everywhere! I’m covered with goosebumps just remembering this!

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are having a picnic in your backyard, at the beach, camping, or even at home:

  • If you have plastic cups, Tupperware, or anything that can hold water. Pour water into each of them. 
  • Place your picnic or camping table on them. One leg for each container holding the water.
  • If your picnic table has bars instead of legs. You can rub grease all over the bars and on the sides of the table.

The theory behind this is, ants can’t swim in the water, and they get stuck or slower in grease or oil.

That’s it! What other hacks do you know that can prevent ants from getting into your food?