How to clean silver jewelry in 2 minutes with this trick

how to clean silver jewelry

One of the things I enjoy wearing is my jewelry. I am not a “gold” person, so I usually stick to silver when it comes to going outside, meeting with friends, having a fancy dinner or even running next to my apartment complex.

The thing I’ve always noticed, is that silver usually builds a dark oxide layer which makes it less shiny and old-looking. I am not an engineer, but I presume that’s most probably because of the interaction with air humidity, sebum and other environmental factors.

One of the most awesome and FREE tricks I’ve learned some time ago is how ridiculously easy is to clean silver jewelry super fast and easy. Here it is:

Introducing: toothpaste!

Yup, you’ve read it right: toothpaste. Here’s how you do it:

  • immerse the jewelry you want to clean in a bowl with warm water and let it sit for 1 minute
  • take the jewelry out and apply a generous amount of regular toothpaste
  • using a toothbrush (not yours, duh!) begin brushing all the sides of the jewelry for about 1 minute
  • once you’re done brushing, rinse with cold water and let the jewelry sit on a paper towel until dry

You’ll immediately observe how shiny and new your beloved jewelry looks. Now don’t waste any more time and start wearing your silver goodies once again!

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