Get Rid of Cockroaches the natural way with these awesome hacks

how to keep cockroaches away

Cockroaches are a menace to each family. Whereas store-bought pesticides are efficient in killing these pesky pests, they’re chemical substances that may be dangerous to you and the children. Reach out to home made options as a substitute because they are cheaper and much much less toxic. These 5 natural options ought to do the trick. 

Cleaning soap and water

Fill a spray bottle with a mix of cleaning soap and water, and spray everytime you spot a cockroach. Like most bugs, cockroaches don’t have lungs. They, instead, breathe via openings of their pores and skin. The soapy solution will clog these openings.  

Espresso grounds

Espresso won’t kill the cockroaches however it is going to keep them away. The nasty bugs are repelled by the acidity within the espresso, whether or not you use old or new grounds. Since you wouldn’t need your own home to smell like a grimy café, the very best place to scatter the repellent is within the backyard or round the home in areas where you suppose cockroaches come and go.   

Epsom salt and cloves

Place a dish of cloves with a handful of Epsom salt in the roaches’ favorite hangout spots like underneath the sink, fridge and washer. The magnesium within the Epsom salt will upset the biological system of a cockroach and will stop it from feeding. And cockroaches hate cloves so it is an ideal repellent. You can buy Epsom salt from Amazon – here’s a link for you (19 lbs for $25)

Cloth softener and water

Like cleaning soap and water, a mix of fabric softener and water sprayed on a cockroach will kill it. Make the solution thick, and it will likely be noticeably more practical than the cleaning soap and water mix. The issue with this solution, nevertheless, is that it will likely be tougher to scrub off of surfaces it’s sprayed on. Go for a pure and natural fabric softener, too. 

Borax and sugar

Even exterminators advocate borax as a cockroach killer. Borax kills roaches by very successfully drying out their exoskeleton. Combine Three parts borax with 1 part sugar (which acts as bait) and sprinkle in strategic places that wil be out of reach for kids and pets. You can buy borax from Amazon – here’s a link for you (60oz pack of 2 for $15)