Frozen broccoli: healthy, cheaper alternative to fresh that lasts longer

frozen broccoli bag

One of the vegetables I love having in my lunch box at work is broccoli. I like it for many reasons: how easy it is to cook, how many flavors it works with but also how long it lasts in my freezer.

The last reason is also what saves my budget a ton of money since I almost always buy organic frozen broccoli. As I was mentioning when I wrote about blueberries, frozen does NOT equal canned, rather means the same plus at a MUCH better price.

Quick freezing is good

The techniques producers use these days to freeze fruits and vegetables involve a process called individual quick-freezing which preserves the entire nutritional profile. This ensures two things: (1) produce can now be stored longer with zero preservatives and (2) these come at a significantly lower price which is great.

Back to the matter at hand: frozen broccoli

What I usually pick is Costco’s organic frozen broccoli bags which last me around 1 week and half and costs me roughly $8. The florets look fantastic as you can see below:

frozen broccoli florets
Costco’s frozen broccoli – inside the bag

Usually, these massive bags of broccoli (thanks, Costco, for always supersizing everything) contain multiple (usually 6) microwaveable minibags that allow you to cook these things in the microwave.

I am personally staying away from cooking in plastic so, the way I am doing it is by steaming the contents of the bag. Takes a bit more time but at least I don’t get to expose the hot vegetable to the plastic wrap of the bag.

So there you have it. Final, cooked result looks exceptional and has the very same crunchy and delicious texture which we all love.

Money saved: frozen is roughly 30% cheaper!

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