Drink this ingredient with hot water every single morning

lemon water

There’s a thing out there that will awake you in the morning faster and better than a strong coffee, and that is Water with lemon which helps the body’s natural digestion and detoxification. Moreover, lemons have a significant amount of vitamins (C and B), calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, enzymes, antioxidants and fiber.

If you’re like me, always looking for tricks to improve your overall health, you can stop searching. Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning is a simple routine with miraculous effects on health.

If you have ever wondered what could help you drink lemon water, here are the main reasons why I do it:

  1. Improves digestion –  Lemon juice has a structure similar to gastric juices, helps to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract, improves digestion and helps in bloating and gastric burns. If you have problems with constipation, this routine can help, as it stimulates the production of ball and hydrates the colon.
  2. It boosts the immune system –  Due to the high content of vitamin C, the consumption of lemon water strengthens the immune system and helps fight the cold and flu. But not only is vitamin C important for a strong immune system, iron is also a significant nutrient and the lemon has the ability to absorb more iron from the foods you eat.
  3. Hydrates the body –  Lemons make simple water much more interesting. If you do not like to drink water, you may like it quite in combination with lemon. So, you can consume lemon water throughout the day, not just in the morning.
  4. It gives you energy –  I didn’t joke at the beginning of the article when I said it has a similar effect to coffee. Lemon water not only gives you energy but also improves your condition, which is quite important at the beginning of the day.
  5. It gives the skin a pleasant appearance –  Lemon is a rich resource of antioxidants that prevent the devastating action of free radicals, those responsible for premature aging. Vitamin C also helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.
  6. Reduces inflammation –  Lemon has the ability to reduce inflammation which, as we know, is the basis of all diseases.
  7. Helps to lose weight –  Do not imagine now that you will drink lemon water and lose 2 kilos in a week, but it will help if you continue to eat healthy and play sports. Lemon water can help you “cut” your appetites and give you a feeling of satiety when eating, so eating less.
  8. Alkalize the body –  Although lemon is acidic, it is one of the most alkaline sources on earth. Too acidic environment can cause inflammation, obesity and can lead to serious illness.
  9. Toxin Cleansing Body –  Lemons help the whole body eliminate many toxins and prevent damage to cells, tissues and organs. It stimulates the liver to produce more enzymes and work more efficiently. Lemon juice is a diuretic and keeps the urinary tract clean and free of toxins and also changes the pH level, discouraging the proliferation of bacteria.
  10. Excellent against stress –  High levels of potassium and magnesium have beneficial effects on the brain and nervous system, being very helpful when you have depression or are in a stressful period. It also gives you mental clarity and helps you focus more easily


I know that in the US you don’t have much where to go for organic (and if you have, they are super expensive), but I know that there are still some of you who have licks at home. I was amazed when I found organic lemons here and not very expensive – Yay!