Don’t buy books. Borrow. Read digitally.

If I have to count the books I’ve read until now there will be probably hundreds so I am allowed to have a firm opinion on a personal book collection management. From that hundreds I don’t know if in half a life-time I re-read 20-30, most of them being my childhood science fiction discovery.

What you have to do

If someone recommends you a book or you are impressed by a review, borrow it from that person (free of charge) or from a library. Even if it looks a little bit old-fashioned, people still go to the libraries and not only for socializing… If you are so ultra-impressed then – yes – you can buy it, but at least think twice and only if you are really impressed.

Premium tip

Forget about buying printed books, start reading in electronic format on your phone, laptop, tablet, kindle etc. You’ll have all your personal book collection with you anytime, anywhere. Bonus: less object to clean, less space needed, shelfs etc. etc. etc.

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