DIY: Build a mosquito trap and live bite-free forever

how to build a mosquito trap

We’ve all suffered. Oh, those bites are so itchy and scratching makes it even worse. But here a 9tohacks, we live to serve. Here’s how to beat this.

Why you’re going to love this

It’s simple. Free. And yes, it’s so satisfying to get rid of those buzzing, annoying little mosquitos.

What you’ll need

1. A used 1.5 or 2 Ltr Coke Bottle.
2. Brown Sugar
3. Yeast
4. Water
5. Scissors

How you’ll do it

Start by removing the plastic cap of the bottle. Cut the bottle in half and set aside.

In a bowl, mix 60 grams of sugar with 200 ml of water. Let it cool and then add the yeast. Do not stir, as it will release carbon dioxide.

Pour this solution into the bottom half of the plastic bottle. Flip the other half and put it into the bottom half, cap top down, as per ilustrated below.

Now go out there and enjoy that humid weather outside and leave your mosquito spray home.