Detox diets are a sham. Here’s why

detox diets are a sham

So, 2 carrots, 1 bouquet of broccoli, 10 grapes, 2 celery stalks and a few slices of ginger. Sounds familiar?

Don’t pretend it doesn’t, it is a great way to take your vitamins or quench your hunger quickly with an energy drink. But that’s about it. You can’t “detox”. Because this cannot be done through juices (even vegetables).

The only way detoxification of the body can be done is by the doctor, after ingesting dangerous substances, drugs or alcohol. Both. This is true detoxification.

The human body is incredible and has an extremely well-developed cleaning system.

The liver contains enzymes that help convert toxic substances into less dangerous substances. These are dissolved in water and eliminated through the urine. A healthy liver has the ability to fight daily aggression. For example, you can clean a lethal dose of alcohol in 36 hours (I don’t recommend trying that).

The stomach has a hostile environment and prevents the entry of many bacteria into the body. The colon is responsible for removing any unwanted solid matter from the body. Products that claim to cleanse your colon do NOT help this process but on the contrary can damage the protective membrane.

The kidneys are like a sieve; all the essential substances are reabsorbed and the non-essential / unwanted ones are eliminated through the urine in a few hours to prevent their accumulation in the body.

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, which comprises a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called the directional lymph to the heart. Bacteria and viruses are filtered from the lymph into the lymph nodes. Another lymphatic organ, the spleen, filters bacteria and viruses from the blood. The system circulates continuously. It is not possible to stimulate it with detoxification products.

Myth # 1: The detoxification diet cleanses your body of toxins


In our mind we have the impression that we can clean the “installation” with some juices, pills or combinations well thought out by marketing specialists. There is no “drain clog cleaner” for the body. From a digestive point of view, detoxification doesn’t make any sense. Healthy organs such as the kidneys, liver, skin do an extremely good job of cleaning toxins daily.

Many detoxification products, such as psyllium seeds, have a strong laxative effect. Used long-term, they can damage the stomach by eliminating valuable nutrients, causing dehydration and eventually leading to a “lazy” colon. Without enough nutrients and calories, the level of toxicity most likely increases as the body tries to function with limited resources.

Myth # 2: The detoxification diet stimulates the weight loss process

When you limit yourself only to the consumption of juices, the body enters a state of starvation, a state in which metabolism slows down to conserve its energy. In the long run, this results in weight gain because you burn calories less efficiently.

You are probably wondering how it is that those who are taking detoxification treatments are weak. Because over the course of this cure, you consume less calories than you normally would. He is starving. In this case, most probably lose a lot of water, not fat.

Myth # 3: It’s a good sign to feel bad

Say whaaat?!

It is said that after you start a “detox” cure you start to feel bad (dizziness, helplessness, colds, headaches, depression) and that would be a good sign that your diet is working. It is NOT a good sign! The body signals that something is wrong and must be heard.

What alternatives are there?


Ensure a constant detoxification if you eat healthy throughout the year. You don’t have to do anything special. Consume lots of raw fruits and vegetables (mostly green), nuts, fish, avocados and less fried, processed or overcooked foods.

If you want to eliminate the toxic issues in your life, try to get rid of the toxins you can control: smoking, toxic relationships, alcohol abuse, sleepless nights, etc.

Personally, after the holidays I feel the need to not eat or even see meat. Especially now after I have done the holidays in the country. So, until I get the appetite for steak, I eat a lot of salads in which I add something to keep me hungry such as beef, red beans, lentils, quinoa. As a protein add boiled egg, a little parmesan, fish.

I also consume many fibers: oats (whole, not flakes), flax seeds, raw vegetables (especially root).

The idea is not to fall into the extreme. Think about whether you could keep a diet or another for life. I could only live with salads, fish, nuts, eggs. You could only live with juices? I thought so