Cut your shower water bill in half and stay cleaner with this trick

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It’s Friday night when I am writing this article and about to call it a day. One of the rituals I like to end and begin a day is taking a shower (cold in the morning, hot in the evening, after the gym).

For good reasons, water consumption is becoming increasingly expensive. We need to limit water consumption because, most of the time, we just use too much even for ridiculous things such as rinsing a coffee mug.

The big animal in the room, in my opinion, is the shower. By the way, I am not even going to talk about taking baths in a tub: I think bathing is such a crazy waste of water, it’s not even worth mentioning. We love saving money, not wasting it.

Alright, back to the shower: before I’ve implemented the hack I’m about to mention, our water consumption was at a hefty $80 to $100 a month, not counting electricity to heat it. What I realized was that there’s simply too much water going out the shower head without actually being used.

Introducing: the Niagara shower head

When I started doing my research, I’ve discovered that anything that has more than 1.25GPM pressure is sufficient and efficient enough to provide excellent washing but also reduce water consumption significantly.

I’ve tested multiple shower heads and I’ve eventually landed on Niagara’s Earth Massage 1.25GPM. The way it works is by rotating a dial-type of mechanism on the actual head, which switches the water flow to different flows. At the time of the writing, this shower head costs about $8 which is great.

Here’s the trick

Once you install the showerhead, you’ll have to switch the dial to the super fine spray. Don’t go for regular water spray, always choose the finest one, that looks like a very fine water spray, almost like steam. Spraying super fine streams of water is much more efficient at cleaning than your regular shower. By the way, that’s how car washes are saving on water (hah!).

With this trick, I’ve managed to reduce my water bill in half while electricity went down even more, by around 60%. This is great and definitely very satisfying for us, budget and saving freaks.

There you go, folks. Next time you take that shower, switch on that fine Niagara spray and let the savings begin!

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