Clean the silicone iPhone case to make it look new in 1 minute

how to clean iphone silicone case

One of the things people usually do, instead of learning how to clean the iPhone silicone case when it wears out (a.k.a (dis)coloration), is to throw that band away and buy either a cheaper, sub-par quality one or, simpler, a brand new (expensive) one.

Today we’re going to teach you how to revive your silicone iPhone case at a fraction of the cost (roughly $1.2). This hack was particularly exciting for my wife, who is using a white silicone iPhone case but is a great hack to know for everyone using a silicone case irrespective of the color.

Why you’ll love it

This hack takes 5 minutes to complete and costs $1.2 to save a $39 iPhone silicone case (as of the date of this article). The result is a like-new silicone case that looks like if it were day 1.

What you will need

The secret to this $1.5 hack is called the Magic Eraser – you can find it in any Walmart or on Amazon. It’s basically a very dense sponge that only requires water to work and deeply cleans surfaces by adhering at a micro-level.

How to clean the iPhone silicone case

Start by removing the silicone case from the iPhone. Take one of the sponges and put in warm water. Make sure you allow for the water to fully absorb before you squeeze the excess. Do NOT use any detergent – just water is fine.

Next step is to rub the affected, colored area of the case. Apply decent pressure while making sure the case stands firm and doesn’t slide as you clean it. Keep at it for about 3 minutes and don’t be intimidated by the crumbles you’ll start seeing coming out of the sponge. It’s okay, I guess they’ve designed it for a single use.

Final step is to use a clean, dry paper towel to absorb the residual water and sponge particles from the silicone iPhone case and then rejoice seeing the result of your work: a shiny, like-new band!

Here’s an example of my wife’s white silicone iPhone case. Initial state – you could see some blue-ish color tone on the case from her going to training, using bluejeans, makeup, grease and so forth. Once the case was cleaned, it was literally impossible to observe any coloration at all.

So, there you go, folks! Go ahead and save yourself a trip to the Apple store and clean that silicone case of your to give it the looks it deserves!