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Always link a card to your Google Pay account when traveling

"Where is my card?" sounds familiar to you? For sure you hands spend more time on your smartphone than on your card, so keep...

Use clear blanket bags as packing cases for caravaning

Packing all the family stuff for one week on a camping adventure is an adventure by itself because you know from the beginning that...

Save battery and data and become paradoxically smarter in the same time with Wikipedia

When it comes to traveling, everyone faces at least one of the following two situations: running out of battery or running out of data. Why...

Keep using Google Maps even when you don’t have internet access

This one is golden especially when you travel internationally and your operator is charging you an insanely high price for roaming data. For this...

Put your passport where it (digitally) belongs

Pay attention, this is not a hack, rather a must-do. Traveling can be quite tricky and sometimes you can end up losing (some of...

Extra care for your luggage – FREE

Of course your stuff is precious, but sometime it’s not too precious to be worth an extra fee to transport it. We’ve got your...

Bracelet charging cable

If something is really important for your connectivity, that's the smartphone, indeed. But without some "juice" in the battery it equals to zero. That's...

Almighty USB led lamp

You always need a surce of light when you're camping, even if you're organizing things in your tent or you have a drink outside...
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