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how to clean nubuck shoes

Clean and Restore Your Suede and Nubuck Shoes With These Tricks

Suede boots move in and out of the trend spotlight from year to year, which means we'll always have the style staple in our...
how to travel for almost free

A Family of 4 Paid only $300 for a $6,000 Vacation – Here’s How...

In 2018, Andy Hill and his wife, Nicole, took their two children to an all-inclusive resort in San José del Cabo, Mexico,...
brexit travel

Brexit: how to travel smart before and after Oct 31st

Per ABTA, Europe is the number one overseas destination for UK travellers – with over 58 million trips abroad each year. The...

Learn the awesome art of minimalist packing

Minimalist packing means taking only the bare essentials, so you can thoroughly enjoy your time in the wild and stop hauling oversized...
how to stop glasses from sliding down your nose

Stop glasses from sliding down your nose by doing 1 thing

In the last couple of years I've spent money on different brands of sunglasses, not only because I was undecided or I...
travel smart by plane

Avoid swollen legs while flying by doing this hack

I (am) was travelling quite a lot before my daughter was born. We stopped doing that once my daughter was born but...

Live happier with less. My 100 Things.

Many of us are often curious about what's in the other's bags, houses, cars, drawers, pockets, hoping maybe they will get some...
disinfect car AC

Kill bacteria and mold in your car AC in 15 minutes with less than...

I still remember the smell of my 1st new car: brand new interior and everything shiny and clean. However, I also still...

An image of your perfect haircut worth 1000 words

Since I was a kid, getting a haircut was (almost) a nightmare. Not because I was an extravagant, picky customer with too...

Wear a small / slim wallet, preferable in your front pocket

At least 20 years of my life, my wallet was like an exploded cabbage in my back pocket, with cash, photos, invoices,...
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