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Mastering Job Interview Questions: How I Managed to Nail Behavioral Job With a Deck...

In my journey towards securing a coveted position with a tech giant, I was no stranger to the thrills and challenges that accompany job...
XBox Series S

Xbox Series S: Cheaper Console Will Arrive on November 10th

Xbox Series S is the cheapest version of the console that will be released with the Xbox Series X on November 10, 2020. It also has...
how to clean apple watch silicone band

Clean Your Apple Watch Band (Silicone) in 1 Minute With This Trick

One of the things people usually do, instead of learning how to clean the Apple Watch Silicone Band when it wears out, is to...
sleepy at night

Make bathroom trips at night a breeze with this awesome hack

We've all been there: it's the middle of the night and we have to go to the bathroom. Eyes barely open, bladder full, you...

Apple Card is not just the ultimate credit card. It’s a thing you’ll love

When Apple announced their card to be released this summer, I made sure I sign up for it as soon as possible. The simplicity...
how to prepare iphone for sale

Prepare your iPhone for sale in 3 simple steps

It comes a time when we all need to part ways with our beloved iPhones either to upgrade to a newer one or simply...
how to improve wifi macbook pro

Speed up your Macbook WiFi by changing this 1 setting

One of the things I hate in life is to pay for services that I cannot enjoy because of my personal setup or situation....
how to keep airpods from falling

Keep AirPods from slipping off your ears with this neat trick

I do enjoy my AirPods. The simplicity they bring to my everyday life is ridiculous, from running to taking work calls or watching a...
how to clean iphone silicone case

Clean the silicone iPhone case to make it look new in 1 minute

One of the things people usually do, instead of learning how to clean the iPhone silicone case when it wears out (a.k.a (dis)coloration), is...
how to save electricity

Reduce your electricity bill for FREE with a click of a button

I love money. There you have it folks, I am being blunt: I don't like leaking money. Call me greedy, too detail oriented, cheap...
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