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Brew the healthiest coffee in the Universe by doing these 2 things

I am a coffee aficionado and love coffee in absolutely any way possible: drip, latte, cappuccino and the list goes on! Coffee is a...

Can’t see your kid’s favourite animal at the zoo? Not anymore!

I'm not so much into caged animals, but I cannot say I'm an activist against the Zoos or circus, either. And if it's about...

Do bananas make you fat?

I am frequently asked if bananas make you fat. Bananas are some of the most popular fruits because they are easy to eat anywhere, anytime...
matcha tea

Keep cancer away with this Japanese super food: Matcha tea

Personally, I became interested in Matcha Green Tea after I saw on a tea bag its level of antioxidants. I was speechless. Blueberries and broccoli were...
nature's touch - frozen blueberries

Frozen Blueberries: Cheaper, same if not healthier than fresh

Today's hack about frozen blueberries is not going to be about fixing stuff in your household; rather it's going to be about you making...
how to keep airpods from falling

Keep AirPods from slipping off your ears with this neat trick

I do enjoy my AirPods. The simplicity they bring to my everyday life is ridiculous, from running to taking work calls or watching a...
reverse skin aging

Reverse and prevent skin aging with these remedies

Skin aging is a prevalent problem especially after 40, 50 and even beyond 60+ years. Stress, modern-life activities and pollution, diet and many other...

Use tote bags as laundry bags

If you use a basket, a box or even worse, many baskets or boxes to keep your dirty stuff in, you are not on...

Apple Card is not just the ultimate credit card. It’s a thing you’ll love

When Apple announced their card to be released this summer, I made sure I sign up for it as soon as possible. The simplicity...
how to heal acne forever and for good

Cure your acne forever without drugs or lotions

I have struggled with acne my entire teenage years as well as young adult life. It was a part of my life and such...
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