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Tips for my son – Ep. #1

Today I decided to start a new series of life hacks, and even though the title sounds a little bit kids-specific, rest assured that...
nature's touch - frozen blueberries

Frozen Blueberries: Cheaper, same if not healthier than fresh

Today's hack about frozen blueberries is not going to be about fixing stuff in your household; rather it's going to be about you making...

An image of your perfect haircut worth 1000 words

Since I was a kid, getting a haircut was (almost) a nightmare. Not because I was an extravagant, picky customer with too much care...

Can’t see your kid’s favourite animal at the zoo? Not anymore!

I'm not so much into caged animals, but I cannot say I'm an activist against the Zoos or circus, either. And if it's about...

This IS evolution. Use silicone shoe laces.

One of the products with the slowest evolution in history is the lace, or, because they are usually a couple, the laces. Ancient strings...

Be a measurements master WITHOUT a ruler

A consistent part of - generally speaking - "us" has no idea of what 10cm means, or 25cm or 40cm, or whatever dimension you...

Create a group / family email account for honorable common correspondence

If i had $1 for each time my wife asked me to redirect her an email from the nursery, from the landlord, from whatever...

Use tote bags as laundry bags

If you use a basket, a box or even worse, many baskets or boxes to keep your dirty stuff in, you are not on...

Be a Toy Swap Manager

It's not just how your house starts to look with toys spread across literally everywhere, it is all about money now. The amount you're...

Use clear blanket bags as packing cases for caravaning

Packing all the family stuff for one week on a camping adventure is an adventure by itself because you know from the beginning that...
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