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disinfect car AC

Kill bacteria and mold in your car AC in 15 minutes with less than...

I still remember the smell of my 1st new car: brand new interior and everything shiny and clean. However, I also still remember the...
how to cook the best boiled eggs

Learn to make the best boiled eggs in the history of humanity

I love eggs: I believe they're an absolute super-food that can be served in so many forms: omelette, fried, baked in the oven or...
how to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

Remove pesticides from vegetables and fruits with this simple hack

Our family's priorities, when it comes to diet, is to make sure we include in our diet quality produce in the form of vegetables...

Top 9 lifehacks of the week will make you even wiser

We go further with our weekly digest of hacks from our wise friends, so here is a cool collection of top simple hacks that...
baby food reusable pouches

Feed your kid(s) on the go the right way using this ridiculous trick

One of the things we love to do with our 2 years old daughter is to travel small distances (think 50-100 miles radius around...

Bring back to life your old car audio system and make it 21’s century...

Radio is cool, but sometimes all those playlists in heavy rotation, same voices, predictable jokes and tones of commercials are way too much. What...
how to clean silver jewelry

How to clean silver jewelry in 2 minutes with this trick

One of the things I enjoy wearing is my jewelry. I am not a "gold" person, so I usually stick to silver when it...

Say goodbye to dirty billiard cue shafts with no extra effort

If you are a pool player and, of course, confident, passionate or - to use a trendy word - aficionado, you own your...
shower head

Cut your shower water bill in half and stay cleaner with this trick

It's Friday night when I am writing this article and about to call it a day. One of the rituals I like to end...
how to preserve avocado with a simple trick - cold water - before after

Preserve freshly cut avocado with this inexpensive trick

I love avocado. It goes so well in guacamole, raw as a side on my egg and bacon sandwiches or in my protein smoothies....
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